“Truth isn’t truth”: President Trumps Lawyer

President Trumps lawyer, Mr Rudy Guilaini, claimed on US TV network NBC yesterday that “Truth isn’t truth”. This comment was made in responds to questions by the Meet the Press host, Mr Todd, who, on hearing these words, put his hand on his head in disbelief and countered, “Truth is truth”. Why is what is … More “Truth isn’t truth”: President Trumps Lawyer

Religious freedom and the new constitution: Nepal 2018

This week amendments to the constitution of Nepal restricting freedom of religion come fully into law. All minority religions in Nepal are anxiously waiting to see what this means for them. Back in 2015, the long awaited constitution of Nepal was finally completed and taken into law. I remember well the Christian pastors telling me … More Religious freedom and the new constitution: Nepal 2018


On our return after five months in Mexico the sign read, ‘welcome home’ and it was lovely to come back to not just a sign but flowers and chocolates and a cozy bedroom. But what is home? A first world friend of ours living in Mexico has a sign on his apartment wall saying “home … More Home?

Mexico 2017 earthquake: Clouds with silver linings

Six weeks into the relief effort in southern Mexico and many of the immediate crisis needs have been dealt with. Aid agencies are starting to get supplies delivered regularly even to the more remote places. The devastation left by the 8.1 magnitude earthquake is still everywhere to see though. The stars fade into morning light. … More Mexico 2017 earthquake: Clouds with silver linings

Rebuilding homes and restoring dignity – Chicapa de Castro, Oaxaca, Mexico

As the aid camp on the edge of the village slowly empties and the trucks delivering aid start navigating the now cleared streets of Chicapa de Castro its time to start addressing the housing issues facing some of the most vulnerable people. Mrs Dominga has twisted hands and feet. Her neck needs a brace so … More Rebuilding homes and restoring dignity – Chicapa de Castro, Oaxaca, Mexico

Life in Mexico 

A window on what we’re up to here in Mexico. The place we live is a building site and there’s no scaffolding or health and safety. It’s a little crazy at times! Every day we have lessons, and there is a different subject and speaker each week and we have worship and intersession times together. … More Life in Mexico 

What is your food? 

On our way home we had unexpected night in Istanbul which threw up an unexpected invite to visit friends. They say home is where the heart is. With friends all over the place Albania, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sweden, England, Canada and well actually Turkey and infact all over the place it’s hard to know where to … More What is your food? 

Blessed to bless

My mother is part of a knitting group and when they heard we were coming back to Nepal they went into knitting overdrive! It turned out that they were not the only knitting group that had gotten inspired! In the end there was so many jumpers and hats I  think most of the team had … More Blessed to bless