Some people are simply inspirational!

11774263_918684311526421_524752026_nTrapped for two days under a collapsed building and waiting for someone to rescue them this man and Pastor Eliya Ghale managed to communicate with each other despite being in adjacent rooms. Throughout the first day the pastor was strong and speaking hope to this young man, telling him to believe that they would be rescued, that someone would come, that help was on its way. On the second day, realising that he was soon going to pass away the pastor spoke bravely to this young man explaining that his body was fading away but that the young man would survive and give his life to working for the Church and continue leading worship as he had done. Things turned out as the pastor had foretold. Pastor Eliya died and this young man, despite losing his arm, was rescued to tell this story and we’re told that he has every intention of following the Pastor’s words and continue to lead worship in the church.

11791790_918684354859750_340279804_nBoth me and Eva are looking forward to meeting him and others with there own stories! In total 17 people from Pastor Eliya Ghale’s VS ministries Church died in the earthquake. Many others were injured including another member of the worship team seen here. It’s so difficult to relate to these kind of stories whilst we live in such extreme contrasting circumstances! Today I found myself shortening the legs on a sofa that a friend had bought as it was a little to high for her liking. She’s a good friend and will be coming to our fund raising event tomorrow! As we discussed life and the fund raising event the irony of the contrast between the needs of my friends here and the people in Nepal did not escape either of us! I’m not sure that you can be prepared for sharing in the personal tragedy of other peoples lives but at least now I feel am starting to understand the reality of the situation.

Please pray for these people and help us as we try to raise funds and go to Nepal to support them. Andy and Eva

One thought on “Some people are simply inspirational!

  1. So inspiring, challenging, heart breaking, awesome….. reading your blog for the first time and especially about the amazing people you are involved with. Love and prayers. Rosemary and Dave


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