A perfect day

IMG-20150802-WA0008So we had a leaving party and it was absolutely great – a perfect day. So many friends, so much food and so much fun! We have some really great friends and some exceptionally talented ones too! And I would like to take this opportunity to show them off to the world. There was the amazing landscape artist Rosie Jarvis who had an art exhibition in our garden shed.art shed

Then there was Rosie – Grey Wren Studios with her awesome creatures that all came to the party too! Laura Oakey – Pillywigginsflyfree and her fantastic hand painted silks and jewelry, Lesley and her stunning Glass work, Livi doing the most amazing facepainting ever,facepaintingCakes made by everyone including Eva, and a fantastic barbeque manned by Clive Wholesome and Kwabna – two great guys, a great selection of musicians including master Ethan Joyce and fronted by Craig the small man with the massive heart. Then there was a goal scoring opportunity for anyone who could score past the giant Dutchman Jan whoi somehow managed to hide behind the sign for this photo.

I have forgotten to mention too many people but you are all remembered and we are really grateful! Michael and Becky Huth and kids who worked tirelessly for two days and Dommi who drove all the way from Oxford, Daphne and Laura and Annie and Karen and and and …… And well now it’s just 26 days to go before we leave and start this new adventure but one thing’s for sure we know that we have a massive support network and fantastic friends. Thank you all. It was a great success in every way!

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