Who am I?

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a post and now we’re about to go into the unknown! To be honest my head has been all over the place trying to make sense of all that is happening and all we have to do before we go. Saying goodbye has become a habit and I am strangely numb, at some point that’s going to change and I think a wall of emotions will probably hit me!

A couple of weeks ago we visited the widow and two daughters of Pastor Eliya Ghale (VS Ministries) and since then I have been constantly thinking about identity. Though she did not know until several days after when they were dug out of the rubble dead, Eliya’s wife,(she has a Nepali name that is long and difficult for me – help! being unable to say or remember Nepali names is not a good start), lost her mother, her husband, her son, her house, her church and many friends on that day in April. This all made me start thinking about who we are and what defines us. I used to teach students TV typography and motion graphics and used to enjoy explaining that everything gains identity from the around it.For example if I put an object on the screen and it is alone then it could be huge or tiny but you would only ever know when other objects are introduced to the screen. So say the object is a box, if I put a car next to the box and the box is bigger than the car then either the car is a toy or the box is huge and the more objects we introduce the more we start to create identities for the objects. Without the familiar objects around us we can start to lose who we are. When one day you have a house, a husband and four children and the next that has all changed how do you work out who you are?

For us it’s certainly not as devastating and permanent as the awful reality that faced the thousands of people in Nepal after the earthquakes but tomorrow we will leave everything that we are familiar with, all our friends and family and enter a new world where we will be who? There is a fine line between anxiety and excitement – I think that we are experiencing both and that’s probably healthy! A new reality world is full of unknown danger but also unexplored opportunity and I’ve always been an adventurer so bring it on!

Much of the Bible is about identity too – Gods people, Gods nation and in the New Testament its about new birth and the kingdom of God. I have been thinking much about identity and the things that can not be taken away. if we find our identity in these then we are secure – nothing on earth can strip them away. When you’re going to an earthquake affected region  I’m not sure if it’s politically correct to talk about the parable Jesus told about building your house on sand or on the rocks (Luke 6:46-49) but the spiritual truth is real. Being who we are on what we do or the things around us is foolish because they will all pass away. Jesus overs us a new self, one that lasts forever – I hope that me and Eva will discover that we have built our lives on the rock and not on temporary things.

A video I really like on this subject is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsDQEb-qlyM

Next post will be from Nepal if we get any internet!

One thought on “Who am I?

  1. Wishing you both a safe and easy journey……thinking of you and sending much love and looking forward to news from Nepal x x


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