What a joy it is to give

As we start to get some momentum with this first building project I guess it’s time for an update.. Firstly I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated to this mission trip. We almost have the funds needed to complete the shell of the building.

For us it’s been both an exciting and a frustrating time. Frustrating as we have a deadline and are keen for things to move on whilst the locals don’t have that same sense of urgency and also as we are unsure how much of a part we ourselves can play in the building work due to the very different construction methods and economics / logistics of us and volunteers trying to work with a local contractor. This is proving complicated and as there is no shortage of opportunities to help we may simply opt to pay the contractor and move on to help elsewhere.

The excitement has not been perhaps at the things you may expect. Yes it’s been great to find and start the project. It’s been great to have cleared the site ready to start putting in the slab off which the building will be constructed. And yes we have had some great rejoicing over the donations we have received. Thank you so much to all the donors anonymous or not I really hope you know our appreciation! All of this has been fun but I think the most precious thing has been being able to pass on skills and wisdom to people knowing that it can  to make such a big difference to their futures.

A week and a half ago there was another festival (the Hindus have more than 365 of them so some days there is more than one – but this was a bigger one with schools closed etc) and the Christian youth from two churches chose to escape into the hills around Kathmandu for a day of prayer worship and fun. I was invited (as I’m so young) and got the opportunity to share with them about some friends that have the slogan, “Love looks like something” Afterwards I invited them to make love real by helping build the house with us.

Volunteers helping clear the site ready for the building work to begin
Volunteers helping clear the site ready for the building work to begin

It was great to receive a list of 30 plus names and numbers from volunteers and it has been really exciting seeing them work together moving bricks and sand etc.

Anyway the next great blessing I want to tell you about has been my imperfect haircut. Before we moved to the building project we stayed in the Himalayan Foundation Nepal kids home.  For two weeks the lovable young man Rohit became my hairdressing student. He past the ultimate test of cutting my hair without instruction with almost flying colours! Yes!

Rohit the apprentice at work

That’s exciting because he has a life skill with which he can support himself if he chooses. Another great joy has been seeing the smile on Daniels face as he held up the crochet square he had completed on his own for Eva his teacher to photograph. Painting the church / living room with fellow Danish volunteer Marcus was also an honour. When you improve the environment people live in its lovely to see them smile. We also took Marcus along with us to help feeding the homeless on Thursday too. He’s 19 and a mixture of Christian, atheist and humanist so we wanted him to see Christianity in action. He loved it and has decided to volunteer there each Thursday till he goes trekking. On this occasion Eva was working in the medical room which in this environment is no mean task – bless her.

The Bible says it is more blessed to give than receive! We can really say that it is so true! What a joy it is to give something to a generation yet to graduate into a real world of poverty and with such limited opportunities. What a joy it is to do things that could make a real difference you their futures. What a joy to serve those who are really in need. And what a joy to do it all simply for the love of Jesus who loved us first. Remember he gave his life for us before we even loved him or knew him.

One happy pupil - well done Eva for teaching so well
One happy pupil – well done Eva for teaching so well
Decorating the church / living room at Mission in Church / Himalayan Foundation Nepal
Decorating the church / living room at Mission in Church / Himalayan Foundation Nepal

2 thoughts on “What a joy it is to give

  1. Looks very impressive. Great commentary on what’s happening and how your understanding it all. Much grace in the rest of the adventure, may you continue to see more answers to prayer in the various trails that you face.


  2. Very honest & helps us see beyond the exciting adventure to the real challenges. If would be helpful to have a link at the end of the blog that connects you to how to give to support. Ed’s Rwanda one has an example.

    Liked by 1 person

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