Helping earthquake victims: Gunsa, Helambu, Nepal

It’s bee seven difficult months here in Nepal since the earthquakes followed by the political stand off between the Nepal government and India. The resulting border blockade has been almost as difficult for some a the earthquake but that can’t be said up here in the remote village of Gunsa.

Gunsa is a village of around 600 families located in the Sindapalchowk region close to the epicentre of the April 25th earthquake. Even after all these months and after billions of dollars of relief has been directed at this place I found myself overwhelmed to the point of tears as I woke and saw this wrecked village for the first time.

We arrived in the dark after around 7 hrs of hell on a bus so overloaded and overcrowded I don’t wish to remember.

We saw nothing of the place we had landed in other than little pricks of light scattered across the valley till the morning. Sleeping on the mud floor of the church I woke early with the cold mountain air creeping through my two seasons sleeping bag like it didn’t exist. I went out and was greeted by a sight of both sheer beauty and awful devastation. The Langtang region of the Himalayas was right in front of me on my eye line and then below was the wreckage of the village.  I walked through the main “street” and had to sit down and cry as I took in the devastation. Around 95% of the houses are destroyed or damaged beyond habitation – it was literally like some stepping into a landscape from a world war 2 blitz!

In this incredibly broken but beautiful mountain village with a tiny church. The church which has no pastor used to meet in a brother’s house but this was destroyed in the earthquake. From the rubble they built the tiny dry stone walled church which we had just slept the night in. It was around 8 am and I was just off for my second stroll to see more of the village when I was called back for what I thought was morning prayers. This turned out to be praying for three people who had turned up. One leprosy sufferer who was partly paralysed and a couple who were not christian . . . . The day continued in this fashion from 8 am till around 8:30 pm doing around 12 house visits etc etc. There are so many blessings to share but the pictures will speak a thousand words.

On the Sunday after spending some time giving out some first aid and being child entertainers we joined some other foreign volunteers giving out donated free school uniforms and then hitched a ride home in their jeep.

Please pray for this village and the tiny Church as they seek to find a pastor for this wonderful place. Pray for the believers in the village to have wisdom and understanding as they seek to serve Jesus in a Buddhist community without conflict. Also pray for us to know how we should help this village.

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