Hot water bottles, shops and playgrounds

It’s been a bit hectic as the time for our return to the UK speeds ever closer things pile up like a never ending in tray (but a fun one). So here is a whiz through some of things we’ve been up to.

Gunsa is around 2000 meters above sea level on the edge of the Himalayan mountains. It’s winter in Nepal now, the temperature is dropping and Christmas is approaching. 95% of the houses in this village were destroyed in the earthquake and at night living in a tin hut is hard! The smoke from the fires inside the huts is choking. This was our second visit to the village and this time we have taken all the children from an orphanage and 650 hot water bottles to give out. There is no time to tell the full story but here are some photos that I hope will tell the story.

Simon and Esther were both injured in the first earthquake and their stories are quite remarkable! Simon had left the church hall running out to the back of the building as the earthquake shook every around him. He was with Pastor Eliya and some others running out from the stage end of the hall when he realised that Esther, his wife was still in the church somewhere. He turned back and ran into the church hall searching for his wife. The building collapsed and Simon was trapped both legs broken under a concrete mass, his hand was damaged and his shoulder blade had taken the impact of some falling masonry and was broken. His act of selflessness and running to find his wife had actually saved his life; the others that fled to the back of the hall all died. Esther also had a broken arm and since the earthquake they have been homeless and unemployed as they remarkably recovered from their injuries. The Church has helped them and housed them till now but the time has come for them to start a new life! Its been our honour to partner with brother Lamech (and Indian former friend of Pastor Eliyas) to help fund a “shutter” for them (Nepali for shop and bedroom). My part was to actually fit out the shop with all the shelves etc and provide some funds for the stock and pay the rent. Pray for these guys and for their new little business.

Some friends have a house that they use to help rescue street folk. It is an amazing place full of testimonies of patience and the power of prayer with broken lives slowly and painfully being loved out of their brokenness. These guys feel they should be helping more kids and families and a large donation for a playground helped to confirm this to them. They just needed help to build something for the kids to play on – this was where we came in and this is what we are building right now! Its fun and great to be able to help out.

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