Bye bye Nepal

All things have their time.. . .

Our time in Nepal has come to an end and we have very mixed feelings. We have done much but would have liked to have done more. In a land where old and young are dying because of the cold and more than 50% live on around £1 per day It’s impossible to feel like you’ve done enough. The biggest lesson we have learnt is that God is faithful. We have had no income from employment for almost five months but we have lacked nothing. Not only have we not lacked anything but we have been able to build a house, paint a kids home, buy and distribute hot water bottles to a whole village and do so many more things to bless so many people!
We have made so many close and good friends, rubbed shoulders with some of today’s hero’s of the faith and shared life with some of the world’s most broken and poor people. We’ve been hot and we’ve been cold. We’ve experienced load shedding (electricity rationing), black market petrol pricing, racial discrimination, good food and bad food. We shared bedrooms with families and busses with goats. Seen bodies being burnt and animals being sacrificed. We’ve been up mountains and down valleys and much more! All in all its been a blast!
A massive thank you to everyone who has donated to us over this time. We hope we’ve honoured your ambitions. We return home but will remain closely in touch with many new friends and have the joy of so many memories of the smiling faces of people we’ve been able to bless.
What’s next? Only God knows…


One thought on “Bye bye Nepal

  1. You will no doubt be very missed by all those people whose lives you have touched. Welcome back x


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