A deeper language and the walking woman

If this isn’t a god thing then I’m a fried fish! It was early afternoon and I get a phone call from a friend telling me the walking woman and her lovely daughter are sitting at Jawalakhel just ten minutes walk from our house. We rush out of the house jump in a taxi and there she is! Our friends have already bought her food and given her the change. So there they are both happily eating samosas and roti.

We spent something like four or five hours with this woman. She speaks no Nepali and even friends who speak several Nepali and Indian languages could not communicate properly with her. The little we can understand is that she is from some remote place in India and has walked over 130km to Kathmandu. Why she is here? We have no idea. Where is the child’s father? What is she doing here? It was impossible to know. We had a place for her to stay and a potential home for her but she refused to come with us preferring the street to a bed. When vocal languages fail there remains a deeper language . . . Love.

Eva played with her daughter and they were soon best of friends. As the afternoon turned into evening this beautiful daughter slept in Eva’s arms. We left them with new flip flops, foam to sleep on, a blanket, food and some money. It was a beautiful time. We left with both heavy but happy hearts. What will become of this woman and her daughter sleeping on the streets in Kathmandu unable to communicate and unwilling to take our offers of help? How long will it be before this beautiful child is forced to go ways we wish not to think about? How long can this ladies frail mind and body sustain them both?

Pray for the walking woman with the beautiful daughter. Pray pray pray for they are just one of how many wondering souls in this broken region of the world?

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