Blessed to bless

My mother is part of a knitting group and when they heard we were coming back to Nepal they went into knitting overdrive! It turned out that they were not the only knitting group that had gotten inspired! In the end there was so many jumpers and hats I  think most of the team had several in their bags and we almost had a case full! It’s been beautiful giving them out and blessing so many families. We were especially blessed to find a one day old baby born in a tent to bless with a beautiful white hat and jumper set.

There are so many photos of lovely people in Nepal with beautiful new knitted jumpers. Thank you everyone who spent many hours lovingly knitting for Nepal. Of course it was originally how we met the walking woman too.

What has been an additional blessing was to give a bunch of these jumpers and a load of second hand clothes to our friends at a Nepali Church to give out at their home fellowship. To enable others to share love is an additional blessing. When you see a family living in a tin shed being blessed by people who themselves have been blessed it is a wonderful thing.

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