A few years ago through a series of crazy circumstances I ended up as a part time lecturer on an art Foundation course. I had never done an art foundation course myself. My experience of post compulsory education to this date was a two year part time carpentry course and a degree in multimedia design. I had some teaching experience but nothing to qualify me for what I was doing. I had no foundation.
In this past week alone five friends had to step down from leadership because of allegations made against them. It has been terrible to see men once certain and strong falling all around me. I’m not commenting on their innocence and I am not about to take sides. I don’t  I know what the allegations are and that is not the purposes of this blog. It’s by the grace of God alone I stand but the dereliction I see around me has led me to think much about the importance of foundations. Almost none of my friends had any training before being thrown into leadership. Training is rarely fun, it takes time we feel we don’t have and requires commitment and diligence. It’s far more exciting to build the bit of the building everyone will see than dig deep in the dirt and rocks to put in a solid foundation but without a foundation the house will not last.

Today me and Eva complete our first week of five months here in Mexico. We hope to spend time reflecting and building good foundations. Over these months we will hear lots of things we have heard before and some we have not. We will rub shoulders with teenagers, radically sacrificial people and a random selection of youth from so many different nations. It will be fun but it will probably be equally frustrating as we revisit things we think we know but probably don’t. And it is difficult to be away from home when there’s so much uncertainty, struggles and suffering but I see more clearly than ever the value of good foundations and that makes me more certain we in the right place for this season of our lives.

As we look to the future my hope is that we can learn from the past and invest heavily in our own personal development. Our past has featured a lot of learning from mistakes, I regret that and feel deeply saddened as I look back on the messes I have sometimes caused and more often tried to help in. It’s time to reach out and make friends and partners. Please help us God on this journey to make good foundations.

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