Life in Mexico 

A window on what we’re up to here in Mexico. The place we live is a building site and there’s no scaffolding or health and safety. It’s a little crazy at times! Every day we have lessons, and there is a different subject and speaker each week and we have worship and intersession times together. We have small groups once a week where people get very vulnerable. Everyone has a job duty two hours a day. I’m part of the maintenance team, and Eva’s part of the hospitality team. We also go out and help around the town where we live, it involves doing stuff with kids, supporting people who are waiting outside the hospital for news of their family or friends who are inside (they aren’t allowed inside), playing football with youths, or just praying with people. Everything at the base is both in English and Spanish. There are 37 people living in this place with us. About half of them are Spanish speaking. It’s great meeting people from all over the world, there are 11 different nationalities here. It’s really great to see God working. We are really happy to be here. It’s really hot and humid, and last night we had a crazy thunderstorm. Very loud!!! The rainy season has started, but thankfully it seems to rain most during the night and be sunny during the day. We are very blessed to be very close to the sea, so any opportunity we go for a dip.

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