Rebuilding homes and restoring dignity – Chicapa de Castro, Oaxaca, Mexico

As the aid camp on the edge of the village slowly empties and the trucks delivering aid start navigating the now cleared streets of Chicapa de Castro its time to start addressing the housing issues facing some of the most vulnerable people.

Mrs Dominga has twisted hands and feet. Her neck needs a brace so it can support her tiny head without her wincing in pain. She a little old lady who needs constant care. Though she doesn’t weight too much it’s a testimony to his love that Mr Dominga picked her up and carried her out of the house before it fell down during the earthquake. When we arrived this was the scene we found …
It’s a beautiful thing that we have been able to start to build them a house. After three weeks of moving rubble and helping people it feels good to be constructing something for someone who really needs our help. 

Thank you all for your support. We will be working here for just one more week before we move on. We will leave part of our heart here. There’s many more stories to tell but they’ll wait for another day.

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