Mexico 2017 earthquake: Clouds with silver linings

Six weeks into the relief effort in southern Mexico and many of the immediate crisis needs have been dealt with. Aid agencies are starting to get supplies delivered regularly even to the more remote places. The devastation left by the 8.1 magnitude earthquake is still everywhere to see though.

The stars fade into morning light. The sun is yet to climb over the mountains east of Chicapa de Castro and I sit on the concrete roof of the house reflecting on our four hard weeks here. There’s a terrible sadness filling me but it’s strangely mixed with hope just like the clouds that are lined pink and gold by the sun I can not yet see. What will become of the eighty people who wanted to know God as their father? Who will be Dario, our neighbours adopted sons’ next hero and role model after me?

He was one of the two hundred or so children at our children’s program on Wednesday. He along with many others of them are waking up right now camped next to the ruins of their homes to another day of no school. What is their future? ​Yesterday as a team we counted twenty families to visit to say farewell to. Among them are many people whose lives we have been able to brighten. Our time has come to leave this broken village. The village is in ruins but the people are beautiful. It’s my hope and prayer that help continues to pour in. We have been able to lighten the edges of a few clouds here but everywhere you look there are new situations you wish you could help … for now we must say our farewells but I for one will not forget Chicapa de Castro.

Right now I’m on another concrete roof in downtown Mexico City. The sirens wail horns blast and the whistles of the traffic police are shrill over the background bustle. I pray that where ever we go we will see the edges of clouds turn to gold as God shines through us. Amen

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