On our return after five months in Mexico the sign read, ‘welcome home’ and it was lovely to come back to not just a sign but flowers and chocolates and a cozy bedroom. But what is home? A first world friend of ours living in Mexico has a sign on his apartment wall saying “home is where the wifi connects automatically”. As a first world man I appreciate this humour but many of my third world friends would struggle to understand this definition. A more traditional saying (at least in the UK) would be, “home is where the heart is”. I’m not sure all of our third world friends could even identify with that definition either for them maybe a more appropriate saying would be “home is where you lay your head”?

A few days ago we got the sad news of the passing of an old disabled lady. It’s a bitter sweet story. In the last week of her life Mrs Dominga was moved into the small house we built for her and her husband carer. It was basic but better than the tarpaulin shed she was living in. It had taken a big team of us three days to clear the rubble of the family home that they had escaped from. Mr Dominga had somehow found the strength to carry his bedridden wife out of the house in his arms before it all collapsed. The generosity of the viewers of the CBN had funded the materials for the house build and we had done the work. We left on the day that Mr and Mrs Dominga were choosing the colours for their new house. They were so thankful but so broken . They wanted to give something to me to show their thankfulness but had nothing to give…

She only lived there for a few happy days before God sadly called her home.

As we begin to plan our future in Nepal I am having a struggle to think about what is home and where it will be. I want a house with a bedroom I lock and leave for months or years that will still be ours and how we left it when we return. Actually I am praying for that but it has also forced me to realise again that our only true home is the one Jesus has been preparing for us for over two thousand years. I guess that home is going to be pretty awesome! Earthquakes destroy concrete and brick but nothing can take Mrs Domingas from her new eternal home!

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