The hair dressers

Today’s been a day of hairdressing first some of the guys went for a trim shave and massage. I knew what was coming so it was fun to sit and watch as their necks got crunched, fingers pulled and heads battered.  Later on armed with an excellent hairdressing set donated by a friends in the … More The hair dressers

Increasing beggars or helping friends

The dynamics of a relationships are interesting. In my experience truly healthy relationships require some measure of equality in the power balance. I’ve noticed this several times when I have been promoted. Suddenly relationships that used to feel very comfortable and open start to close up and the natural open conversations that used to happen are now somehow forced. What … More Increasing beggars or helping friends

Bye bye Nepal

Our time in Nepal has come to an end and we have very mixed feelings. We have done much but would have liked to have done more. In a land where old and young are dying because of the cold and more than 50% live on around £1 per day It’s impossible to feel like … More Bye bye Nepal

Helping earthquake victims: Gunsa, Helambu, Nepal

It’s bee seven difficult months here in Nepal since the earthquakes followed by the political stand off between the Nepal government and India. The resulting border blockade has been almost as difficult for some a the earthquake but that can’t be said up here in the remote village of Gunsa. Gunsa is a village of … More Helping earthquake victims: Gunsa, Helambu, Nepal

House Completion

Well it’s been awhile since we updated you. So much to say but I will stick to this brief celebration. Yesterday our flight back to the UK left without us! That’s good because we have extended our visa and will now return mid January. Yay! (Please keep praying for our community back home who have … More House Completion